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More Myspace Bulletin Lies!

As we continue to get bulletins on Myspace with nonsense claims that if you repost a bulletin, then something will happen. Again, we want to emphasis to all of you that NOTHING will ever happen from you reposting a bulletin!

All of my friends have stopped posting the sign trick bulletin (because it is a scam); they stopped posting the myspace tracker bulletin (because it is also a scam); but I got one the other day that is also a complete scam.

It works like this. The site bulletin says something like, “This is really trippy. I didn’t think it will work but it did. OMG. Click HERE."
Now when you click on this link, it takes you to a new page with pop-ups and other ads. This particular site uses the “free giveaway” scam to fund the site. Every time someone completes an offer, or possibly even enters their email address, the webmaster gets paid. Then they have an affiliate link to so that if you click on their affiliate link and buy something, they get a percentage of the sale.

I will continue to expose the bulletin trick! Don’t miss the Myspace Tracker review. I review the trackers and find the ones that work!

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Myspace Bulletin Tricks Exposed!!

Well, for those of you that know me, I have a lot of spare time on my hands! That combined with the computer knowledge that I have has lead me into the world of blogging. And I will say, I have made some money doing it. Who would have ever known.

But while I wait around for another idea to blog about, I waste some of my time on Myspace. Yes. That's right. And I go around and whore people's sites just for the hell of it.

I'm seeing more and more people post bulletins on Myspace on some of the stupidist crap.


Lets take the newest bulletin trick out there right now, THE SIGN TRICK. Go ahead. Check it out. Notice all of the ads that you see on that page. They are very similar to the ads on this page. Look around. Don't be shy.

Next. Lets take look at the MYSPACE TRACKER idea. If you didn't look, it too is set up the same way. The site is littered with ads.

So here is the idea behind bulletins like this. First off, you will NEVER get an answer in your inbox. It's just not going to happen. The reason people are doing this is because when you click on their ads, they get paid. The advertisers pay google on a per click basis which results in the webmaster profiting a portion of the money as well.

So the real trick behind it is you. Stop looking like a bunch of fools and reposting this crap. Your craming up my bulletin box!

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